Weather: Thunderstorms and torrential downpours prompt flooding fears

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for storms, for areas including Cardiff, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and London, until 11pm.



Sunny spells for many, but some showers also breaking out over England and Wales, especially southeast Wales, the south Midlands and southern England where some heavy, and perhaps thundery, showers. Northern Ireland cloudier with showery rain, mainly in the west.


Daytime showers largely fading this evening leaving clear spells for many. Showery rain, heavy at times, persists over parts of the Midlands and southern England well into the night though.


Sunny spells for most areas but scattered showers also breaking out during the afternoon, mainly in the northwest and over southern and central England. Some parts staying dry all day.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Showers or longer spells of rain each day for most areas, these occasionally heavy and thundery, and accompanied by hail. Winds mainly light throughout, with temperatures around normal.