Weather: Rain and showers across the UK

The weather remains unsettled over the next few days, with rain showers forecast across the UK.

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Rain or showers affecting northern parts, especially Scotland where some heavy downpours are possible this afternoon. A few showers in the south but these lighter and more isolated than recent days, with some sunshine. Rain reaching the far southwest later.


Showers mostly dying out but some persisting across Scotland. Clear spells for many, but heavy rain moving northwards across much of England and Wales. Gales affecting some English Channel coasts.


Rain clearing eastwards from England and winds easing in the far southeast. Sunny spells and showers for most; showers heaviest and most frequent in the northwest.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Showers will be fairly widespread and heavy with a risk of thunder on Wednesday, but will become more isolated through Thursday and Friday as it becomes a little warmer.