Weather: Drier and warmer days ahead

The weather is forecast to be drier than recent days, with sunny spells and occassional showers.

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Dry for most with sunny spells. A few showers likely for parts of Scotland, Wales and England but these much lighter than on recent days. Cloudier in some North Sea coastal areas and northern Scotland. Becoming warmer.


A few showers over the spine of Scotland and England but these mostly light. Good clear spells though still warm for many. Cloudier along north and east coasts.


Mostly dry with sunny spells though some eastern parts, particularly Norfolk, cloudier with some drizzle. Becoming cloudier for west Scotland and Northern Ireland but mostly dry. A little warmer again.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Mostly dry with plenty of sunshine, although often cloudier in the far northwest with perhaps some rain at times. Very warm inland, but cooler along some coasts.