UK weather: Windy and very mild. Wet in the northwest.

Windy, particularly in the north.



Many southern and eastern parts will be dry and bright, but cloudier in the north and west with some light rain or drizzle, most persistent in northwest Scotland where rain heavy over the hills. Windy, particularly in the north.


Some light rain or drizzle in the west and north, with further heavy rain for the hills in northwest Scotland. Breezy and very mild, with gales for the far north.


Rain at times for northern and western Scotland, where windy. Else, generally dry and mild with sunny spells. Cloudier in the south and west with drizzle in places.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Cloudy with patchy rain sinking south on Saturday, lingering in far south until Monday. Elsewhere, Sunday clearing to scattered showers, heaviest along eastern coasts. Mild initially, turning colder from north.