UK weather: Warm sunshine in the north and scattered showers in the south

Many areas with some clear spells heading into tonight, but low cloud and misty for others

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Some southern and eastern areas of England seeing a lot of cloud and scattered showers, though a few warmer, brighter spells too. Further west and north, some warm sunshine and just an isolated shower, especially over western hills.


Many areas dry with some clear spells in places but low cloud and misty conditions for some. Still a few showery outbreaks possible in the southeast.


Showery rain in the southeast fading but perhaps staying cloudy and rather cool. Elsewhere some warm sunshine as cloud burns back towards coasts but isolated heavy showers in southwestern UK. Outlook for

Thursday to Saturday:

Some fine, warm weather for many at first, although low cloud affecting some areas, especially overnight and mornings. Showery rain spreading to many southern and central areas by Saturday.