UK Weather: Unsettled and windy with rain at times

What to expect if you're out and about in the UK today

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After a bright, frosty start in the east, cloud and rain in the west will spread to most parts. Breezy, but turning milder than recently, especially in the south and west. Clearer, showery weather reaching the far northwest later.


Staying mild and cloudy across England and Wales with some rain and drizzle, mainly in the west. Clearer further north and turning chilly, whilst showers affect the far northwest.


Rain and drizzle across England and Wales moving northwards into Northern Ireland and Scotland. Very mild in the south. Windy in the west, severe gales in the far northwest later.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Widely mild with rain mainly affecting western parts of the UK, some of this heavy. Windy throughout, especially across the far N at first, then again on Wednesday.