UK weather: Turning warmer for most with some sunshine

Dry for most tonight, although patchy rain may affect some western fringes

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Dry for all but the far northwest. Some places starting grey and misty, but the low cloud and fog burning back to some western and perhaps southern coasts, allowing some warm sunshine for many. Some coastlines will be markedly cooler.


Dry for most, although patchy rain may affect some western fringes. Elsewhere some clear spells but also areas of low cloud and fog, most likely in the west and south.


Most southern and eastern areas see spells of warm sunshine developing. Some western and northern regions cloudier at times with patchy rain, the odd heavy shower possible across Northern Ireland.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Some mist or fog near coasts but mainly dry with warm spells of sunshine over the weekend. Some showers possible at times. Rain from the west later Sunday into Monday.