UK weather: North, cold and damp; south, brighter, showery and mild

Breezy and chilly in north, mild further south.

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Rain and snow, mainly on hills, in parts of northern England and Scotland, will ease. Elsewhere much low cloud inland, with only slow improvements, while some coastal areas see scattered heavy showers. Breezy and chilly in north, mild further south.


Showery rain in parts of Scotland, while rain may reach the far southwest later. Elsewhere, odd coastal showers but many places dry with low cloud or fog. Milder generally.


Low cloud and fog lifting slowly, with some brightness possible across central and northern areas. The south mostly cloudy, rain affecting some parts. Mild in south, nearer average in north.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Some bright or sunny spells, but often cloudy with some rain on Tuesday and Thursday. Becoming windy on Wednesday with some heavy rain moving east. Mild everywhere.