UK Weather: Brighter weather spreading south, then frosty tonight. Showery in northwest.

Sunnier skies in central parts of the UK should follow

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Blustery showers in west and north Scotland, slowly easing. Rain, drizzle and low cloud across southern areas, where it will be mild. However sunnier skies in central parts of the UK should follow to all but some southern counties later.


Windy across northern Scotland, with patchy rain and fairly mild. Elsewhere dry, patchy cloud in some central and western parts but clear elsewhere with frost and patchy rural fog.


Southern and central areas mostly sunny with light winds, after any fog clears, temperatures mostly near average before frost and fog returns after dark. Northern Scotland, windy with patchy rain.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Settled but colder in the south with fog and low cloud becoming more widespread and stubborn to clear. Milder further north with rain and stronger winds at first.