UK Weather: Bright spells will continue with western areas getting the best of the sunshine

Most places dry with some sunshine, cloudier in the northeast.


The hottest day of the bank holiday is over, but bright spells will continue with western areas getting the best of the sunshine, the Met Office has said.

Forecasters have said “west is best” when it comes to the rest of the three-day holiday, with Wales and south-west England expected to have most of the warm weather on Sunday and Monday.

Saturday has seen the most widespread fine weather, the mercury hitting highs of 24.4 degrees in Strathallan, Scotland.

While areas of Derbyshire hit 24 degrees, and Northern Ireland 23 degrees.

It is set to get cloudier over what is left of the weekend, with Monday seeming cooler especially in the south east of England with occasional, light showers, despite temperatures remaining in the high teens.

Craig Snell, Met Office forecaster, said: “If you’re looking for the best day out of the weekend as a whole, then it was Saturday.

“Overall, a lot of the UK had a good day today particularly in the west. And that trend seems set to continue.

“Although it will gradually get cloudier from the east over the next two days, meaning it won’t be as warm, it’ll still be relatively dry in most places.

“But, if you are looking for sunshine west is definitely best.”

Here is the forecast:


Patchy mist, fog or low cloud clearing and then most places having a dry day with spells of sunshine, although cloudier in the northeast with a little drizzle on some coasts. Warm inland, cool in northeast.


Cloudier skies across eastern areas extending across central and some western parts overnight. Some light rain and drizzle for eastern parts of Scotland, northeast and southeast England.


A good deal of cloud, although breaking in the south and west to allow some sunshine. Further light rain or drizzle in some eastern parts particularly in the morning.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

England and Wales mostly cloudy but dry; breezy around southern and eastern coasts and rather cool overall. Scotland and Northern Ireland sunnier, away from coasts, warmer too with light winds.