UK Weather: Bright and mostly dry Wednesday

Turning more unsettled during Wednesday, particularly in the north.

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Bright start for south and east areas but clouding over from the west - mostly dry here. Rain soon arriving into Northern Ireland and pushing east or north east. Freezing rain and snow possible for parts of Scotland later. Cold.


Rain at times for many places. This most persistent over northern Scotland with some snow over high ground and risk of freezing rain at first. Temperatures mostly rising overnight.


Brighter for a time in south otherwise rain at times for most. Heavier rain for a time in northwest and turning back to snow over the Highlands. Milder for most.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

Unsettled throughout; cloudy with occasional rain, generally mild. Remaining wet and windy for most into Christmas Day, with some hill snow, gradually turning brighter, but colder from the north later.