Sol Campbell SLAMS New Year's Honours list omission - 'I'm up there with the sporting greats!'

Following his rants on social media, Sol Campbell has spoken exclusively to GB News on why he deserves an MBE, OBE or even a knighthood


Former Tottenham and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell has questioned why he was not included in the New Year’s Honours list despite his impressive footballing career.

Speaking exclusively to Bev Turner Today on GB News, the Arsenal Invincibles man said he will "challenge anyone who says I don't deserve" to be honoured.

He said: “If you look at what I’ve done playing football over the course of two decades, I’m up with one of the sporting greats of our country and I don’t know why I’ve been overlooked”.

The former Southend manager Campbell also noted his achievements on and off the pitch.

“I’m a proud Englishman and I’ve done a lot for football on and off the field, and for racism," he added.

"I’ve acquired a lot of records for my country and domestically for Tottenham and Arsenal. For me, I’m up with the rest but I don’t know why I’m overlooked on these kinds of occasions.

The ex-England defender highlighted his charity work, along with his sporting accomplishments.
The ex-England defender highlighted his charity work, along with his sporting accomplishments.

“Just before I retired ten years ago, I won the FA Cup with Portsmouth, I have a charity helping out disadvantaged kids all over the country, even abroad, I have been recognised for my efforts as a footballer. I’ve just not been recognised by my own country”.

“It will be an honour for me if I got an OBE or MBE for my services to football”.

Questioned whether a more modest and humble approach by the former Arsenal will be more respected, Campbell maintained that he should be noted for his contribution to the sport sooner rather than later.

He said: “I’ve played on the highest level and been consistent for over 20 years, meanwhile other player who haven’t been as successful but resurrected themselves as football pundits have been given either OBEs, MBEs, or Sirs.

“This shows if you’re quiet about it, no one is ever going to recognise you”.

Campbell was also quizzed on what made him more deserving than his former Arsenal team mates.

He said: “I played over 500 games, was part of the Arsenal side that beat a record that stood for over 100 years, I was the first black captain to lift the cup at Wembley, the first black player to score for England in the world cup finals and the first black Englishman to score a goal at the champions league final, surely that’s iconic enough”.