Patrick Christys: The police went woke and now they're broke

Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys

'The police force is turning into a laughing stock and not because of police officers'


New crowd in town – Animal Rebellion. They’re a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion. They descended on the capital yesterday and swarmed around Buckingham Palace to complain about animal cruelty committed by the Royal Family and the fact the Queen exempted herself from carbon laws.

Yet again these dreadlocked crusties don’t just calmly make their point, no, they commit rampant criminal damage and vandalism. They poured red dye into a fountain and desecrated the statue of Queen Victoria.

Where are our police? What is Cressida Dick doing? The Met Chief is currently Prioritising the rights of criminals, which is what the Animal Rebellion lot are, over my right to get to work on time and not have my daily life disrupted.

The police force is turning into a laughing stock and not because of police officers, but because of the top brass.

The police force went woke and now it’s broke.

We’re at a dangerous tipping point. We had police officers kneeling down in front of a baying mob outside Downing Street, where our Prime Minister was holed up.

That was an ultimate symbol of weakness and not what I’d expect from a serious police force.

And then yesterday, outside Buckingham Palace, you know, where the Queen lives, the police essentially stood there and watched as a statue to our former monarch was vandalised.

If we can’t get control of a mob outside our royal household, then what can we do?

If I tweet something that someone gets offended by I might get a knock on the door from met police but if I stand outside the Queen’s house and pour fake blood into a fountain then nothing happens to me.

I say get the water cannons out – it would disperse the crowd and, let’s be honest, a lot of those people need a good wash anyway.

XR left more than 100tonnes of rubbish behind – they should be made to clean it up.

The fact is that most of the people taking part in these protests clearly don’t have a job, many of them look like they can’t look after their own personal hygiene, I don’t know about you but I’m not inclined to take advice on the future of the planet from people who look like they can’t even run their own lives.

Cressida Dick needs to pull her finger out and get her priorities straight. Trust in our police force is at a low ebb.