Patrick Christys: Raducanu's victory has been hijacked by the woke to sow division

'Why have certain people tried to turn her historic victory into some kind of festival of virtue signalling?'


Emma Raducanu is a new national treasure. What a stunning achievement by the 18 year old British tennis superstar. Notice what I did there? British tennis superstar.

Why have certain people like Sadiq Khan and Adil Ray tried to turn her historic victory into some kind of festival of virtue signalling?

Sadiq Khan, who by the way cares so much about Raducanu that he couldn’t even be bothered to spell her name correctly in his tweet, said: ‘Emma RadAcanu's story is London's story. Born in Canada to Chinese and Romanian parents, she moved to London at two-years-old. Here in London, we embrace and celebrate our diversity. And if you work hard, and get a helping hand, you can achieve anything.’

Funny way of saying that she’s a great tennis player.

Adil Ray said: “Get in. Emma Raducanu the immigrant from a Romanian, Chinese, Canadian family grand slams the haters. This is the Britain we love.”

Grand slams the haters? What haters? Where were the haters? Who were they? Literally everyone loves her and wanted her to win. Why are this lot trying to stir up a race war that simply doesn’t exist?

This lot of ultra-woke weirdos have hijacked a young girl’s moment of epic triumph to manufacture division and hatred in society to perpetuate the myth that Britain is a racist, immigrant hating, unwelcoming nation. Why?

It just looks desperate, sad and pathetic. I think this lot almost want Britain to descend into racial warfare so they can say: ‘Ha! I was right all along.’

And it’s actually totally self-defeating for the likes of Sadiq and Adil. The next time there is a genuine issue of racism, the impact of it, and their opposition to it, will be totally diminished.

I wonder how they feel about the fact that superstar Emma Raducanu has completely mugged them off. They look so sad and desperate because Miss Raducanu has basically NEVER spoken about her immigrant past. In fact, when her Wimbledon dream came to an end, she appeared on TV wearing an England football shirt for goodness sake.

They’re trying to turn this poor girl into the next Colin Kappernick, or Meghan Rapinoe, or Lewis Hamilton.

She just wants to play tennis, and she’s bloody good at it. And now because of this lot she’s going to end up being asked about race relations in Britain by woke media types. That’s so unfair.

Sadiq Khan and Adil Ray, stop trying to shamelessly use this young girl’s success to push your own divisive political agenda.