Patrick Christys: Meghan and Harry are back by unpopular demand

Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys

'It’s sad to see how far Harry has sunk, he was once the nation’s sweetheart'

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.Meghan and Harry are back at it. We’re going to be treated to a new chapter of their unauthorised biography. Back by unpopular demand.

That’s right, the self-pitying, fancy dress loving trust fund baby and the z-list actress are revealing….nothing! The gist is that they thought about naming the ‘royal racist’, but then didn’t because it would be too damaging to that person’s reputation…call me a cynic, but I suspect they didn’t name them because that person might have said ok then, I’ll see you in court and you have to prove I said that…which they clearly can’t.

Apparently the new ‘leaked’ chapters in the biography reveal that Meghan found the Oprah interview ‘cathartic’ and ‘liberating’ and that the couple are upset that the Queen, yes, the actual Queen, didn’t take any accountability for unsubstantiated claims of racism made by a woman who is about as popular as Novichok with her own family.

It’s sad to see how far Harry has sunk. He was once the nation’s sweetheart, he had an approval rating close to 100% but now he’s polling lower than Jeremy Corbyn on election day.

What gets me about Harry and Meghan is the total lack of self-awareness. Earlier this week it emerged that Harry took a private jet home from a polo match. Please lecture me more about privilege and environmentalism.

People don’t like hypocrisy, people don’t like people who whinge all the time. When Harry bemoaned the fact his dad cut him off on international television, I felt a bit sorry for him. Not because he’d actually been cut off, but because I realised that this 36-year-old Eton education multi-millionaire had no idea how pathetic he sounded. He was a millionaire while he was in the womb, for goodness sake. Most people aren’t living off daddy at the age of 36.

Harry’s been reduced to making the occasional vacuous Instagram video lecturing us all about ‘kindness’, allowing Netflix to follow him around for a bit and sometimes hanging out with Elton John.

While he was playing polo, Kabul was falling to the Taliban and Gurkhas were on hunger strike outside Downing Street. Harry did two tours of Afghanistan, yet he’s been pretty quiet about those two issues. Clearly it was more important to brown nose his celebrity polo mates and occasionally highlight the plight of some far flung cause than it was to do something meaningful.

Harry and Meghan have a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude that grates on people. They epitomise everything that’s wrong with ‘elites’. They think they have the right to lecture us, to tell us how to live our lives, to do us all a favour by passing on the sage wisdom they, and only they, obtained when they reached enlightenment at a bare foot, herbal tea infused Hollywood yoga retreat.

Well, maybe Harry should do less lecturing and do more listening. Harry, I’m going to tell you something that your team of happy clappy LA yes men won’t – you’re making a fool of yourself, and we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.