No country has had more positive impact on the modern world than Britain, says ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott

Critics of an Australia-UK trade deal have raised fears about the impact it could have on British farmers

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No country has had more of a positive impact on the modern world than Britain, former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott told GB News.

Mr Abbott, who is advising the UK government on trade deals, said he did not understand why so many people played down Britain's role in the world, and urged Brits to be proud of their history.

Critics have raised questions about the impact a trade deal with Australia could have on UK farmers, but Mr Abbott said Britain had nothing to fear.

Speaking on the Brazier and Muroki show, Mr Abbott said: "It baffles me a little that so many people in Britain are always running the country down, always taking Counsel of fears no hopes.

"No country has had more impact on the modern world than Britain. When you think of the mother of Parliament's, the rule of law, democracy, the Industrial Revolution, emancipation of minorities, written and spoken word.

"And this is a trade deal with one of Britain's greatest friends, namely Australia.

That's no threat to the people of Britain. This is going to help the people of Britain because we will stand beside the people of Britain through thick and thin in the future as we have in the past."