Mercy Muroki: The Scottish government needs to leave children alone

'They don’t need to be force-fed a diet of race and gender ideologies'

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The Scottish government unveiled guidance for schools yesterday urging teachers to “decolonize” the Scottish curriculum and inviting them to take a “white privilege test”.

According to the guidance, racism is a part of every day life for pupils from ethnic minorities, and teachers should embed anti-racism across the curriculum.

This is on top of a teaching programme the Scottish National Party are planning to roll in their next manifesto on Scotland and the UK’s colonial history – a policy they say is inspired by Black Lives Matter.

And this new guidance for schools urges teachers, in true BLM fashion, to “recognize race as a system that serves to enable capitalism and the current world order”.

Funny that – I thought BLM was just an innocent anti-racism organisation that has nothing at all to do with communism.

And this comes just two weeks after new inclusivity guidance for schools said children as young as four can change their name and gender at school without their parents consent.

Why are the Scottish government so intent on indoctrinating children - don’t they have better things to do?

Like, I don’t know, deal with the fact they have the highest drug death rate in Europe?

Or, I don’t know, deal with the fact that a third of Scottish primary schools saw results drop this year.

Children simply don’t need ‘anti-racism’ running through their curriculum… they need to learn to read, and write, and think critically.

They don’t need to be force-fed a diet of race and gender ideologies.

I’m a parent – my daughter is black, obviously.

I haven’t taught her about race or racism, because she doesn’t need to know – as far as she’s concerned, she’s no different to any of her white friends.

The last thing I need is patronising teachers overcome by white guilt apologising to my child for their ‘whiteness’ and making her feel like a victim and encouraging her to see race in everything.

The Scottish government needs to leave children alone. We need to keep gender and race ideologies out of schools. For goodness sakes, just let kids be kids.