Mercy Muroki: Anjem Choudary has absolutely no place in British society

He doesn’t deserve our freedoms – and quite frankly – he’s does not deserve to breathe the same air as any law-abiding Brit.


Now, I love this country – I do.

I love the people, I love the culture, I love the pubs...

But what I love most is the freedom. The freedom to form my own views, to mark my own path in life, knowing full well that my choices will be respected.

The freedom to, as a woman, choose what I wear, to study where I like, for how long I like, to get up in the morning, go to work, and maybe even stop by the pub for a pint and a slab of pork belly on the way home.

I can do that with freedom. I don’t have to look over my shoulder for a religious fundamentalist who might be out to literally stone me to death because I picked up a book, or because I’m not wearing a burqua, or because… well, because I love pork and pork is banned in Islam.

But sometimes… sometimes, there’s things I don’t love about this country – and the existence of Anjem Choudary, Taliban-hugging islamist fundamentalist and prolific hate preacher - and all-round lunatic – reminds me why.

Lets recall who Anjem Choudhary is: Choudhary is a convicted terrorist, sentenced to five years in prison in 2016 for trying to drum up support for ISIS. He is one of this country’s most vile hate preachers, who has inspired a generation of jihadi-sympathisers. He has links with terrorists far and wide.

He was a hero to terrorists like the London Bridge attacker, and the men who killed Fusilier Lee Rigby.

But as is par for the course for this country’s pathetic sentencing laws, he was released after just two years with a three year ban on public speaking. And as of July 18th, last month, his speaking ban has been lifted.

So whilst all of us were heralding the July 19th Freedom Day, eagerly awaiting to finally return to CIVILISED society as we know and love it, Anjem Choudhary was anticipating a whole other kind of freedom day.

The freedom to continue being the barbarian he is.

So, How has he used this newfound freedom the British state has gifted? He has used it to publish a manifesto praising the Taliban, calling for the Taliban to be stricter – STRICTER! – with Sharia law.

He’s used the freedom to advocate for adulterers to be stoned, for those who drink alcohol to be lashed, and for thieves to have their hands cut off.

He’s used it to call for the banning of music, of art, of philosophy…He’s said women should not be allowed to mix with men (which is a weird way to come out of the closet, by the way…)

This man has absolutely no place in British society. He doesn’t deserve our freedoms – and quite frankly – he’s does not deserve to breathe the same air as any law-abiding Brit.

So why on Earth is he still here?

He says he’s banned from travelling because he’s on a UN terrorism watchlist.


If the man wants to go and live in a murderous, barbaric, state, I’d rather ship him off than have him walking the streets!

But if he DOES have to stay, if there’s no way to get rid of him – then I’ll settle for throwing him back in jail and throwing away the key.