Mark Dolan: Only women have a cervix - and Keir Starmer has got no balls

'Women are under attack... They are being cancelled.'

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Let's talk about the cervix.

Excellent organ, isn't it?

I looked it up earlier. Not literally. A diagram.

The cervix, is a cylinder-shaped neck of tissue, that connects the vagina and the uterus. Located at the lowermost portion of the uterus, the cervix is composed primarily of fibromuscular tissue. It’s a key part of the FEMALE reproductive system.

Marvellous work and well done nature.

But welcome to bonkers 2021, where stating the scientific fact that only women have a cervix, will get you in hot water and give the woke warriors, ants in their pants.

In fact, the statement "only women have a cervix is now" so controversial, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition told Andrew Marr on the BBC today, that you shouldn't say it.

Well Sir Keir, what else SHOULDN'T you say? Shouldn't you say ...the sun rises in the east? Shouldn't you say ...the earth is round. Shouldn't you say ...gravity makes things fall? Shouldn't you say that leaves grow on trees, that water freezes at zero degrees. Perhaps you shouldn't say the pope is a Catholic, or bears relieve themselves in the woods.

This is a disastrous moment in Sir Keir’s Starmer's already forgettable tenure and I say that with no pleasure, because I want a strong opposition, that poses a serious electoral threat threat to the government. It’s the only way to keep them in check.

But that ship has passed.

This is a man whose CV includes a campaign to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister, to reverse Brexit and now he surrenders to the hard left of his party, pushing gender ideology, which effectively challenges the idea there are two biological sexes.

But it really so confusing, about who's got a cervix and who hasn't?

Let’s look at your Shadow Cabinet Sir Keir.

Does Ed Miliband have a cervix?

Does David Lammy have a cervix?

Does Jonathan Ashworth have a cervix?

Plot spoiler, no he doesn’t - none of them do.

Let me help you here, Sir Keir.

Angela Rayner…HAS got one, as well as a foul mouth, based on what she said yesterday about scum Tories.

From one of the most senior politicians in the country, this is all deeply troubling.

Women are now under attack.

Their basic biology is being brought into question and their biological status is being denied.

Women as a group in our society are being cancelled.

Pregnant women are called birthing people, and breast-feeding is in some quarters, now called chest feeding.

Learning nothing from the red wall voters’ rejection of extreme political correctness and cancel culture in 2019, Sir Keir Starmer is now a hostage to Labour’s metropolitan-based student politics.

And with that, he will haemorrhage more votes.

He’s not the only one at war with women though.

The Lancet, the bible of the British medical establishment, are doing their bit to say women aren’t women, describing females as 'bodies with vaginas', on the front page of their latest edition.

I certainly wouldn't want to be treated by a medic that didn't know the PHYSIOLOGICAL difference between a man and a woman.

Sadly in the course of this pandemic, much of the public have gone from admiring and trusting the medical establishment, to loathing it.

Millions feel let down by eighteen months of closed GP surgeries, a lack of face-to-face appointments, a waiting list of twelve million people and a ticking cancer time bomb.

Which is why this offensive bunkum from the Lancet, is the last thing they should be doing. With this kind of anti-science nonsense, the credibility of the medical establishment, is now on life support.

Meanwhile those numpties at Her Majesties Prison on the Isle of Wight, have started issuing pronoun badges, in preparation for national inclusion week.

It’s a prison for god’s sake.

Do you really care, how the person who has just robbed, or mugged you, identifies?

I identify them as a threat to society, which is why they are locked up.

So look, I’m no Dr Hilary Jones, but let me use this platform to state a basic medical fact.

Let me reiterate this, one more time, for the hard of thinking.

Read my lips - only women have a cervix.

And Sir Keir Starmer, has got no balls.