Mark Dolan: Mainstream media want GB News to fail because they don't want you to have a voice.

'We’ve had a hundred days. Here’s to many many more.'

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It’s a funny old place, GB News.

It's a news channel, that's never out of the news.

Last week BBC Question Time spent a quarter of their show talking about us, we are in the papers daily and are subjected to regular barbed attacks from members of the mainstream media, including this week a highly personal attack from a high profile TV host at the Beeb and Channel 5, on one of our very best presenters.


It's almost like we're a threat, like they WANT us to fail.

Except that after celebrating 100 days on air this week, the opposite is the case.

Stunning audience growth, more column inches in the press than you can shake a stick at and a billion views online.

And we haven't even started yet.

We will be on national radio this side of Christmas, don’t forget the app, and we haven’t even ADVERTISED yet, because we don’t have to, thanks to our pals in the media.

With any new project, people come and people go, it's normal, it's natural, it's healthy.

And in any start up there are technical glitches, but we now have a stellar line-up of on air and backstage talent, who are committed to the cause, who are signed up to the project, and who want to change the face of UK news broadcasting.

We want to celebrate Britain, dare to love it, and embrace the many opportunities Brexit will bring, as well as acknowledging inevitable bumps in the road.

We will call to account extreme political correctness, so-called woke culture, and seek to reframe the terms of discourse in this country, so that you can say what you actually think, without fear of judgement, social exclusion or even the loss of your job.

This place is an oasis of free speech and a haven of balanced, provocative debate.

And the more they attack us from the outside, the stronger we get.

And the deeper our sense of purpose becomes. In the end there's only one group to whom we are answerable, and that is you.

We have had our remarkable success so far thanks to you.

And our future, lies in your hands.

So tell your friends, spread the word, share the videos, download the app, watch us on YouTube, Freeview, Sky, Virgin, YouView or Freesat, and let's change the world together. In the end there's a reason for all of the attacks and the negative press attention.

They are our rivals, and that's how it goes - good luck to them.

But I think there's something else more sinister at work.

Patriotism, being anti-woke, supporting Brexit, not wanting Boris to fail, wanting a return to common sense politics, desiring free speech, challenging the Covid narrative on lockdowns and jabs for kids.

These are all views that much of the media hate.

They judge these views, they are ashamed of them.

They want this place to fail, because they don't want YOU, to have a voice.

Well on my watch, and on this brand new television network, you'll always have a voice.

And it's only going to get louder.

We’ve had a hundred days. Here’s to many many more.