John Cleese's GB News show is taking shape... and he's inviting viewers to join him in being 'completely out of touch’!

You can expect the people of Great Britain to be at the heart of his new show

John Cleese will return to UK television this year as his new show at GB News begins to take shape.

In a new sneak preview of his upcoming show, the comedy legend takes aim at the media elite who think they know better than ordinary Britons.

He jokes his new programme is for the "much neglected demographic" of viewers "who are completely out of touch".

John Cleese's show will start in 2023
John Cleese's show will start in 2023

"So, stay out of touch, with me!" he adds.

The well-loved actor, comedian, writer, and producer will host his own series on the TV channel tackling the issues that really matter to Britons across the country.

Never one to be overly obsessed with the establishment, Cleese's comedy has always prided itself on telling stories of ordinary people in ordinary situations behaving absurdly for no obvious reason.

And you can expect the people of Great Britain to once again be at the heart of his new show at GB News.

The British icon has vowed no one will be cancelled - and no topic will be too controversial for discussion.

Delighted to soon be getting started at a broadcaster that champions free speech, Cleese's programme will be like nothing offered on other UK news channels.

He said: "You should be prepared to be shocked."

Cleese has regularly criticised his old employer the BBC for being too woke and censoring debate.

"I wouldn’t get five minutes into the first show before I’d be cancelled or censored", he said of the corporation last year.

Executive Producer of his programme Andrew Doyle has said Cleese has "complete creative freedom" over the show.

He added: "Like John himself, it will be far from predictable.”

Keep an eye out for more details on John Cleese's new show in the coming weeks.