Dan Wootton tells Boris Johnson: 'It's time to unmuzzle us'

Dan praises Cabinet ministers George Eustice and Rishi Sunak for their comments on shedding the mask


Credit where credit’s due – perhaps the government is finally starting to get its head around the fact life needs to return to normal.

Not a new normal, but the normal of February 2020.

A normal that allows individuals to judge risk factors when making sensible decisions about their own lives. There is nowhere more critical on that front than the future of masks.

Boris, it's time to unmuzzle us.

Let us rip off our masks next month after the delayed Freedom Day by removing any laws surrounding their usage.

As your own research shows, that’s the only way many businesses, especially those in hospitality and live events, will survive. It's got to be down to personal responsibility from now on and the right to claim back what we wear and which parts of our bodies we cover up. If people want to keep wearing masks, then fine. I’ll only judge you a little bit if you do so outside on your own!

But I’m finally feeling a small dose of positivity today. And it’s thanks to the Environment Minister George Eustice, who, it has to be said, doesn’t usually inspire much euphoria in the population.

He said: “Once I'm told that it's safe not to, I want to get back to normal. I think a lot of people will want to shed those masks.”

Environment Secretary George Eustice in Downing Street.
Environment Secretary George Eustice in Downing Street.

And the Chancellor Rishi Sunak echoed this message later in the day. When asked if he would stop wearing a face covering if it only becomes advisory after July 19, the Chancellor told a summit: "Yes, as soon as possible.”

As Laura Dodsworth – the author of the best-selling book The State of Fear – explained so powerfully on the show last night, the government has spent the past 15 months terrifying the population.

Some say that’s been a necessary evil to protect public health. But in my opinion, it’s gone too far.

Now we’re at a turning point and it’s essential that senior figures in power give the public – many of whom remain terrified – reassurance that resuming normal life is going to be safe again.

So well done to Eustice and Sunak today for starting that process.