Dan Wootton: I refute that early lockdowns, closed borders and a shuttered economy are the answer

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

The Coronavirus: Lessons Learned to Date report doesn’t challenge much of the Covid orthodoxy


So the judge and jury of the Health and Social Care Committee has concluded – surprise surprise – that the UK’s Covid response would have been more successful if we’d been more totalitarian like China and locked down sooner, harder and faster.

The Coronavirus: Lessons Learned to Date report doesn’t challenge much of the Covid orthodoxy embraced so hard by most politicians around the world and lots of the media.

Lockdowns are now engrained in the public health playbook as the best way to deal with any dastardly new virus.

To hell with the collateral damage. To hell with the tens of thousands of lockdown deaths. To hell with the loss of children’s education. To hell with the lost businesses and poverty. To hell with the concept of even bothering to do a proper cost benefit analysis of lockdown.

And now the blame game has begun.

That’s why you get Sky News asking the Cabinet Office minister Steve Barclay 11 times to apologise for Covid deaths today….

But that sort of stunt shows what’s wrong with the media’s reporting of this pandemic.

Why are they not asking the Chinese Communist government to apologise for covering up what really happened in Wuhan? Why are they not asking the World Health Organisation – which failed to hold the Chinese government to account for its cover-up – to apologise?

Why are they not asking members of SAGE – including the failed Professor Lockdown himself Neil Ferguson – to apologise for its constant shocking and failed projections throughout the pandemic that resulted in unnecessary lockdowns?

Besides, Boris Johnson has already said sorry.

Today we had this intervention from Alastair Campbell on Twitter…

Why are the words 'corporate manslaughter' not yet a major part of the public debate on Covid?

Has the guy had an irony transplant? He took us into an illegal war in Iraq for Gods sake.

Meanwhile, the award for Best Avoidance of Responsibility ahead of the long-feared Covid public inquiry is awarded to…Patrick Vallance.

Last March he was the one on the national airwaves pushing the herd immunity strategy.

But now he is propagating the need to go longer and harder and faster earlier.

In a new Radio 4 interview, he said…

“You’ve got to go sooner than you want to in terms of taking interventions. You’ve got to go harder than you want to, and you’ve got to go more geographically broad than you want to. And that is the Sage advice. And that’s what I’ve been saying. And I will say it going forward and the Prime Minister knows that’s what I think. And he knows that’s what I would do in that situation.”

Talk about rewriting history.

I refute the idea that early lockdowns, closed borders and a shuttered economy are the answer.

Closing borders doesn’t keep coronavirus out. It only delays the inevitable.

Early circuit breaker lockdowns have been proven not to work. Just look at the experience of Wales or the Zero Covid Capital of the world, Melbourne, Australia, which has now had the longest draconian lockdown in the world as the virus continues to run rampant.


But do you get the sense that some folk never want life to return to normal?

Folk like the failed Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who today has cancelled the New Year’s Eve fireworks display on the Bank of the River Thames because of what is described as Covid uncertainty.

A spokesman for the Mayor said…

“This year, as always, London will be welcoming the new year in a spectacular way. Due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our world-famous New Year's Eve display will not be held on the banks of the Thames this year.”

There is no uncertainty. We are 80 per cent vaccinated.

Life must return to normal.


But scientists don’t like normal life, you see.

That’s why they’re now blaming the new James Bond film for the recent rise in Covid infections in England.

Dr Duncan Robinson, a policy and strategy analytics specialist at Loughborough University and a fellow of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, said…

“Going to the cinema generally involves mixing with people you do not normally come into contact with.”

Please make them stop. It’s called living life. And that was the whole point of the vaccination strategy.


And how much money do greedy Harry and Meghan really need? Now they’ve signed up to be the faces of a bloody bank.

They’ll both be so called impact partners at Ethic, whose owners are self-styled 'hippies' managing a $1.3billion Wall Street fund.

How crass. The Queen must be horrified.