Avoca-do or avoca-don't? Avocado and almond milk are 'distastrous for the environment, says Countryfile star

There has been a growing demand in the UK and elsewhere for avocados, also known by growers as "green gold."

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Pouring almond milk over your cereal, or piling avocado on your toast is "disastrous for the environment," according to Countryfile star and farmer, Adam Henson.

One almond nut produced in California requires 12 litres of water and some farmers in the US state are ripping out almond trees because of drought.

Producing avocados also requires plenty of water, leading communities in Chile to accuse growers of illegally diverting rivers in order to grow them and leaving rural communities without water.

Speaking to Radio Times, Henson claimed that vegans who buy them instead of British meat and dairy should consider the impact of their diets.

"If you're drinking soya milk, that might have come from South America and caused deforestation, the destruction of species, the displacement of indigenous people. You're better off drinking milk from a local dairy farm that's been bottled there and delivered to your doorstep, where cows are wonderfully looked after and the family contribute to the local society and economy."

This claim has been challenged by Veganuary, who refer to a study from the University of Oxford where it was found that dairy milk produced more greenhouse-gas emissions than any plant-based milk.