Prince Harry 'got off lightly with Royal revenge' - 'He'd have been sent to the tower!'

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo also said he was pleased the Queen wasn’t alive to witness 'the betrayal' Prince Harry was now demonstrating towards his family


A ROYAL expert has claimed Prince Harry would have been locked in the Tower of London if he’d carried on like he is now during an earlier era.

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo also said he was pleased the Queen wasn’t alive to witness “the betrayal” Prince Harry was now demonstrating towards his family.

His comments come as allegations emerged from Spare, the new memoir of Prince Harry.

The book is out next week, but it was released in Spain today meaning details are now starting to leak out.

As well as writing about a fight with his brother, Prince Harry has reportedly admitted to taking cocaine as a teenager. He is also set to accuse his brother and sister-in-law of liking his Nazi fancy dress outfit and spoken of his unhappiness at his father’s decision to marry Camilla.

Commenting on the alleged fight between the estranged Princes, Rafe told GB News: “These are unsubstantiated allegations. We've not seen any evidence corroborating any of this. No other witnesses to this event, and no word from the Palace. So it's Harry's word alone. And as we know, from the past couple of years, Harry and Meghan have form when it comes to, let's say, bending the truth.

“But, you know, let's be generous, give him the benefit of the doubt. But even if this incident did occur, it takes two to tango. And as we know, for any sort of marriage or relationship that goes sour, you often get two very different versions of the facts. If we ever do hear the Prince of Wales’ version, it may cause an entirely different light on the matter.

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo says Harry has 'got off quite lightly'.
Rafe Heydel-Mankoo says Harry has 'got off quite lightly'.

“Personally, I think many people in Britain might think Prince Harry got off quite lightly, never mind bruises and a broken necklace, you know, in an earlier era, he'd had been sent to the Tower for his disgraceful actions.

“I think it's worth noting that for all of their alleged honesty, we've never once had Harry or Meghan admit a single error on their part or a single mistake. If you watch the documentary and as I'm sure you will see in this book as well, everything is always someone else's fault. It's the monarchy, it's the media, and even Brexit voters. I would hope that even their supporters understand that that's impossible to be true.”

Commenting on the relationship between Harry and Meghan he continued: “They say love is blind. To me. I think it's quite clear that Harry's completely blind when it comes to the machinations of his wife, Meghan, the Yoko Ono of the royal family.

“We must also look at it from Prince William's perspective. This is a man who spent his life protecting his younger brother and protecting and trying to protect the royal family.

“So even if the allegation is true, I'm not surprised that Prince William was, you know, frustrated or infuriated or even despondent at the situation.

Revealing how he believes Harry has betrayed the Queen’s legacy he added: “I'm just glad you know the Queen isn't here to see this to see her own grandson actually betray her legacy, treat his family and betray, you know, the institution that's given him and his wife everything that they wanted.

“The royal family extended three olive branches to Harry and Megan. We had the King referring very warmly to them in his first speech when he ascended the throne. We saw the Prince and Princess of Wales extend an olive branch by inviting Harry and Megan to join them in reviewing the flowers outside Windsor Castle after the death of the Queen.

“The King also opened the door with an invitation to them both to attend his coronation. You know, the British nation may have given up on Harry, but the King is also a father. And what can be more Christian as a Christian king at Christmas time than leaving that door open to his son.”