Ngozi Fulani incident has left Lady Hussey ‘broken hearted’ - ‘She won't go out!’

Ngozi Fulani expressed shock at her treatment by the late Queen’s lady in waiting, Lady Susan Hussey


Petronella Wyatt has hit out at Ngozi Fulani for her “uncharitable” and “hypocritical” behaviour towards Lady Susan Hussey

Ngozi Fulani, founder of the charity Sistah Space, expressed shock at her treatment by the late Queen’s lady in waiting, Lady Susan Hussey.

Petronella Wyatt joined Dan Wootton on GB News
Petronella Wyatt joined Dan Wootton on GB News

Lady Susan, the Prince of Wales’s 83-year-old godmother, resigned from the household and apologised after she repeatedly challenged Ms Fulani when she said was British at the Queen Consort’s reception highlighting violence against women and girls.

Petronella Wyatt has defended Lady Susan’s remarks, insisting she is not racist and that she has been misunderstood.

Speaking to GB News' Dan Wootton, Petronella Wyatt said: “She once called me up because I wrote an article for The Spectator criticising the Italians and she said it was unkind and slightly racist.

“She was with the Queen for decades. She's met every ethnic group from the commonwealth. She has many friends who are black and coloured.

“She is not a racist. She has an old school manner and she's slightly deaf, which means that she talks slightly louder, as deaf people do.

“And also her kind of head girl manner is quite kind of breezy, but I saw nothing wrong with her line of questioning.

“Also, people completely misunderstood the reference to ‘your people’ when she said, ‘Where are your people from?’

“For that generation, it means nothing derogatory. It means, ‘Where are your family from?’

“I’ve been to those functions, so I've been asked, because I have a Hungarian mother, I've been asked about my family, my background, where my mother actually came from. She was a refugee from Hungary during the Cold War. To me, these are normal questions.”

Lady Susan is the Prince of Wales’ godmother
Lady Susan is the Prince of Wales’ godmother

Asked about Ngozi Fulani’s claim that Lady Hussey touched her hair and that it was a “form of abuse”, Petronella Wyatt said: "I do not believe that for a second, because I know Lady Hussey would rather die than be informal and touch somebody's hair.

“It took her ten years of knowing me before she even kissed me on the cheek, there was no witness for this hair touching episode.

“No one has come forward and confirmed it. And I do not believe, I would state my life on the fact that she didn't do that.”

“She's devastated. She's an 82-year-old widow. I think what Ms Fulani did, it was so hypocritical because she said she didn't want to name and shame anybody.

“But she posted the whole thing on Twitter with Susan Hussey's initials.

“And she's been hypocritical ever since, because even yesterday she was tweeting saying no individuals to blame, I didn't want to hurt any individual at the institution.

“She put a widow's initials out there. And I can tell you because I've spoken to Susan Hussey's friends, that this woman's life is ruined.

“She is broken hearted. She won't go out…. What Ms. Bellani did was so uncharitable, and she's the head of a charity. So cruel and so hypocritical.”