Meghan Markle: 'INTOLERANT' Duchess backed for political career with Democrats by Sarah Palin - ‘Fits right in!’

In an exclusive interview with GB News, Palin spoke about Meghan's 'woke' agenda

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Ex-Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin says Meghan Markle could well have a political future with the US Democrats Party.

In an exclusive interview with GB News, Palin spoke about Meghan's "woke" agenda, saying it could fit in well with the Democrats.

The former Governor of Alaska spoke ahead of the release of Meghan and Prince Harry's Netflix documentary series.

Sarah Palin spoke with Dan Wootton
Sarah Palin spoke with Dan Wootton

Speaking on Meghan's chances of taking up a political career, she said: “She’s fitting right into that agenda that is very intolerant".

“The woke aren’t aware that people do laugh at their efforts in this arena, we don’t take them seriously.

“I like to think that the vast majority of Americans are better than that and they won’t accept it. But I think she will be accepted right into that Democrats party.

“But we’re seeing so much wokeness.”

Sarah Palin spoke to Dan Wootton ahead of the release of Harry and Meghan's Netflix documentary.

The royal family is bracing itself for bombshell revelations, with Harry speaking of a “hierarchy in the family”, a “dirty game”, and warning “we know the full truth” in a trailer for the show.

The six-part “Harry & Meghan” show, billed as “unprecedented and in-depth”, is airing exactly three months after the death of Harry’s grandmother the late Queen, with the Windsors still grieving and the King less than 100 days into his reign.

Harry, in a trailer, has warned “We know the full truth” and spoken of a “hierarchy in the family”, a “dirty game” and “leaking” and “planting of stories”.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin hit out at Meghan Markle for the documentary: “Bless her heart, Meghan. I think she has mistaken Netflix for her own personal diary.

“I will never understand airing dirty laundry about family.

“What Meghan needs to learn is why tell people your problems in this type of format because 50% of the people you tell don’t care, and the other 50% they’re glad you have the problems, so she’s not going to get a real sympathy vote.”

She added: “She is privileged. For her to disrespect the Queen and family structure and then be awarded for that by the Biden administration with that recent award? It’s a shame. The Queen being such an ally of the United States of America. For shame.”