Harry to share details about new book - 'What is it that he wants!?'

The Duke of Sussex's upcoming memoir will be released in January


The Duke of Sussex has shared details about his new book on a US TV show in a “revealing” interview set to be aired on Sunday.

Harry discussed his upcoming memoir, Spare, during a conversation with Anderson Cooper on CBS News’ 60 Minutes programme.

The broadcaster has released a short trailer for the interview, describing it as “revealing” and Harry’s biography, which comes out two days later, as “explosive”.

Spare is expected to give details about disagreements between Harry, 38, and his brother the Prince of Wales, 40.

This comes after the duke claimed in his Netflix documentary that William broke a promise to him never to leak stories or brief against one another after witnessing the fallout of such actions in their father’s office.

Giving her thoughts on the memoir, royal commentator Jennie Bond questioned what it is the Duke of Sussex wants from all of his.

“Did he want the destiny into which William was born? Does he want to be King? I think not.”

Royal commentator Jennie Bond
Royal commentator Jennie Bond

The commentator added that the late Princess Diana would be mortified to see Harry and William’s feud.

“I sat and talked with her about the boys several times. I remember saying the country was very lucky to have William. William’s alright said.

“She felt that Harry probably would have some difficulties because he was the second born. The second born quite frequently in history has found that role quite difficult.

“But she seemed to think he was pretty care-free and pretty okay at that stage, obviously he was much younger.

“Scarred hugely by her death, Harry has found his life and his destiny within the Royal Family very hard to handle, and that pre-dates Meghan.

“If he wasn’t happy with this life into which he was born, what is it he wanted?

“Hopefully this will resolve some of these questions.”