EXCLUSIVE: Harry and Meghan 'COLOSSALLY DAMAGING' the Royal Family

Royal biographer Tom Bower has called for leadership from King Charles

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KING Charles needs to break his silence and show leadership by stripping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles, according to a leading royal expert.

Respected biographer Tom Bower told GB News: “Well, clearly it's the revenge of the Sussexes against Charles and William and Kate and to some extent even the queen. They felt they hadn't been given the celebrity they sought and have set up an alternative headquarters in California.

“Meghan, clearly, in my view, never intended to stay in Britain for long; she saw the royal appointment of becoming Duchess as a stepping stone to what she called her next chapter in her life.

“She would have stayed if she could have taken the star role, but she constantly felt frustrated that the Queen was the star, and she was the supporting cast, and I didn't think she enjoyed living in Kensington Palace. After all, she only had two bedrooms and across the corridor, Kate and William had a 20 or 22-room flat and two kitchens.

“It was just unequal for her and she couldn't understand why Harry didn't have more money and wasn't in line for the throne in a way in which she could become the Queen so she was disappointed to say the least, and got out as fast as she could.”

He told Michael Portillo: “I fear that the Netflix documentary and then obviously the book is going to cause even more damage and it needs leadership, it needs leadership from King Charles because at some stage they are going to have to draw a line and say the Sussexes have really gone too far in their bid for fame and fortune at the expense of the Royal Family.

“I've repeatedly warned about this for months now it's quite clear what they're doing is very skillful, and damaging - colossally damaging. That trailer: what an amazing portrayal, it's just full of threats and poison, and innuendo and direct attacks on the Royal Family.”

Mr Bower added: “They tried reconciliation during the funeral and clearly it failed because the Sussexes weren’t prepared to apologise nor were they prepared to stop their campaign.

“I think the first step, which I think would be very popular, will be to take away the Sussexes’ titles. Of course, Harry is born of Prince and will remain a prince.

“I think the next thing is for King Charles to announce that the Royal Family has no relationship whatsoever with the Sussexes and they no longer are members of the Royal Family as far as he's concerned.

“We'll see what happens but I think that's the only thing he can do.”

He told GB News: “There's no doubt that Meghan has got a large constituency in America, especially those who love her Californian psychobabble, and I think her recent Spotify series increased her popularity, talking about wellness and all the rest of this stuff.

“Undoubtedly, she is an attractive, intelligent, determined woman who appeals especially to the diverse community and young people like her. But I think America is divided.

“Older people, I'm not talking about my age, people above 35-40 are tired of the Sussexes. They believe they are pushy and constantly self grieving. So I think they talk in a divided population in America and a divided audience.

“The reason they're successful at the moment is because they're speaking on their own terms on their own platform and into a vacuum.

“The vacuum being that King Charles in London doesn't say anything."