'Where is the mandate?' Nadine Dorries explodes at Rishi Sunak as PM accused of destroying Boris Johnson's legacy

The Prime Minister set out his own vision for Britain this afternoon


"Rishi Sunak is facing anger from his own backbenchers after being accused of ditching key Tory policies.

The Prime Minister this afternoon set out his vision for the country, outlining his policy agenda for the year ahead.

He pledged to halve inflation, grow the economy, reduce NHS waiting lists, crackdown on migrant crossings, and bring down debt.

Sunak is seeking to stamp his authority on the Government and make clear what his legislative priorities are.

Nadine Dorries warned Rishi Sunak he has no mandate for his plans
Nadine Dorries warned Rishi Sunak he has no mandate for his plans

However, some Conservative MPs have criticised him for abandoning the policy decisions made by Boris Johnson, accusing him of having no mandate for his proposals.

Former Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said: "Three years of a progressive Tory government being washed down the drain.

"Levelling up, dumped. Social care reform, dumped. Keeping young and vulnerable people safe online, watered down.

"A bonfire of EU leg, not happening. Sale of C4 giving back £2billion reversed."

She accused him of having scrapped the former Prime Minister's agenda and replacing it with his own.

"Where is the mandate - who voted for this?," she added.

"[It] will now be almost impossible to face the electorate at a general election and expect voters to believe or trust our manifesto commitments."

The Mid-Bedfordshire MP also attacked Sunak's plans for pupils to learn maths up to the age of 18, warning the UK did not have the staffing levels required.

Meanwhile, Conservative grandee Sir John Redwood warned the Prime Minister not to lose focus on curbing illegal immigration.

He said: "As the Prime Minister turns his attention to maths teaching he should not forget his choice as most pressing priority was to stop illegal migration.

"Parliament needs to legislate urgently on small boats and public services."

It has also been reported Liz Truss is angry at her successor for ditching her plans to reform childcare.

Rishi Sunak promised to focus on the 'people's priorities'
Rishi Sunak promised to focus on the 'people's priorities'

"Excessive bureaucracy is making childcare in England increasingly unaffordable for many parents," a source close to the former Conservative leader told the Guardian.

"The system needs to be reformed in order to boost growth and opportunity.

"Junking Liz’s plans for this critical policy area seems economically and politically counterproductive."

Speaking from the Olympic Park in London, Sunak said he wanted to "rebuild trust in politics through action".

He told a press conference: "Five promises – we will: Halve inflation, grow the economy, reduce debt, cut waiting lists, and stop the boats.

"Those are the people’s priorities. They are your government’s priorities. And we will either have achieved them or not.

"No tricks, no ambiguity. We’re either delivering for you or we’re not. We will rebuild trust in politics through action, or not at all.

"So, I ask you to judge us on the effort we put in and the results we achieve."