Stop Brexit man Steve Bray explodes with anger after Tory MP Lee Anderson steals his hat

Steve Bray is often seen near Parliament protesting Brexit
Steve Bray is often seen near Parliament protesting Brexit

The pair are seen clashing in video footage posted online


Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray reacted furiously to Conservative MP Lee Anderson stealing his hat.

In video footage posted online, Bray approaches Anderson in Westminster, asking: “How’s the subsidised meals going Lee? Looks like you’re benefitting from them.”

Anderson replies: “It’s a New Year, but you’ve not got a new job yet.

“Same old job. You’re still a parasite. You’re still a scrounger and you’re still a malingerer.”

The fiery encounter notches up a great as the MP grabs Bray’s hat from his head before retreating towards the entrance to a building.

Bray follows the politician towards the building, where the clash continued.

As Bray makes a move to retrieve his hat, an armed police officer emerges from the building to break the pair up.

Anderson smiles as he returns the hat, saying: “There you go.”

The pair have clashed before, with the ‘Stop Brexit Man’ a regular fixture in Westminster as he regularly berates MPs for leaving the EU.

Bray confronted the 56-year-old MP in May 2022, where he questioned Anderson over the future of then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The MP told him: “At least I’ve got a job to lose. You haven’t got one.”

Bray replied: “My job’s annoying and holding people like you to account.”

The Brexiteer MP commented: “You’re nothing but a parasite. We’ve established that.”