Massive Brexit bust-up: Ben Habib launches FURIOUS rant at Remainer Kevin Craig - 'Stop shouting!'

Businessman says old people 'let Britain down' by voting for Brexit - sparking furious reaction

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Ex-Labour Councillor Kevin Craig and former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib have been involved in a furious confrontation over Brexit.

On GB News’ Dewbs & Co, the businessman accused old people of letting Britain down by mostly voting in favour of Brexit.

Mr Craig, speaking about older people’s voting trends in recent times, he said: “If you look back to the Brexit vote, taken by a majority of my fellow citizens of a certain vintage, if we left it to the young people there, we might not be in this pickle.

"It’s been a disaster, and I think your name is on the charge sheet.”

A visibly angry Mr Habib shot back: “Lets have this out! My name is on the charge sheet for what?

Kevin Craig clashed with Ben Habib in a fiery Brexit debate.
Kevin Craig clashed with Ben Habib in a fiery Brexit debate.

“My charge sheet is full of Remainers who frustrated the biggest democratic mandate this country has ever had. Stood in the way of Brexit, argued against the national interest, fettered our Government.”

Mr Craig repeatedly asked: “Where’s that bus?” In an apparent reference to a bus seen during the Brexit campaign from Leave that said an additional £350million would go to the NHS.

The ex-Brexit Party MEP stated: “£350million a week and more has been spent on the NHS since then!”

Former Labour councillor Craig said: “You’ve been on the sauce!” As the fiery debate ensued, something Mr Habib described as an “extraordinary” comment.

Mr Habib hit out at Mr Craig for “vilifying” older people as it was a “democratic process”.

“People like you, when you don’t get the result you want from democracy, simply attack the democratic process,” he said.

“We’ve had four votes on Brexit, we had the referendum, we had the 2017 election, we had the 2019 Euro elections, and then we had the 2019 general elections. Every single one of them voted for Brexit.”

Mr Craig then said: “It’s not going well, that’s the point, I’m waiting to see it work.”