John Bercow admits he's a 'show off' and a 'loud mouth' while he DEFENDS Brexit interference

The former Speaker said he was "fair to the Brexiteers" and he "did the same to the Remainers"

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Former Commons Speaker John Bercow admitted on GB News he's "a show off" who likes "the sound of my own voice" - but rejected claims he was bias on Brexit.

The ex-Buckingham MP told the Camilla Tominey Show he had been "fair to Brexiteers" when he was in the chair as he repeated his view that leaving the EU had been the "most colossal foreign policy failure of the post-war period".

Reflecting on his time overseeing the House of Commons, he even said he had stood up for those in the Conservative party seeking to break away from the European Union.

John Bercow denied being bias on Brexit
John Bercow denied being bias on Brexit

Referencing the Queen's Speech in 2013, he said that he had allowed Conservative MP John Barron to table an amendment demanding an EU referendum.

He said: "That was an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for a national referendum on British membership of the European Union. I selected that amendment.

"If I was this unfair, arch-Remainer, frustrate the Brexiteers at all costs character, which you try to typecasts me, I wouldn't have selected it.

"Why did I do it? I did it because I thought it was the fair thing to do.

"So, I was fair to the Brexiteers when they were a strong, but minority force within the governing party, I did the same to the Remainers after 2016."

Bercow added that his own opinions had no impact on his judgements for the 10 years he was Speaker, adding: "The issue for Speaker is not that he or she has never had an opinion about anything, but that he or she discharges the duties of the Office of Speaker fairly, impartially, dispassionately and with a view to ensure that all views are represented and that's exactly what I did on Brexit."

Critics of Bercow accused him of attempting to undermine the government's efforts to leave the EU by repeatedly selecting amendments to legislation that would make it harder to separate from the bloc.

The former Speaker admitted to being a show-off
The former Speaker admitted to being a show-off

Others said he relished being the so-called "villain" of the political fallout and the media profile it gave him.

His biographer, Bobby Friedman said Bercow "always loved being the centre of attention".

Asked about the author's claims, the former MP told GB News: "Yes, I am a bit of a show-off, I think most politicians are to a degree, and if you say 'ah do you like the sound of your own voice', I plead guilty to that."