We need to surgically remove political posturing from our treasured public services and national institutions, says Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox calls for a change in UK institutions.
Laurence Fox calls for a change in UK institutions.

Two weeks ago the Metropolitan Police sent a letter to a man who made a TWITTER video mocking the new look Wembley Way...


Two weeks ago the Metropolitan Police sent a letter to a man who made a TWITTER video mocking the new look Wembley Way, which carries our fans back and forth to the national stadium.

The video reveals a sea of flags lining the route as far as the eye can see. Not Union Jacks or St Georges flags, but other flags- holy flags - in all their radiant glory.

This man had committed the heresy of mocking this “flagathon” and his Twitter apostasy was picked up by the police who were on the case immediately. I personally found his comments crass and distasteful, but that is not the point, they aren’t illegal.

The Met wrote to this sinner, who informed the man he was *required* to attend a *voluntary* interview, which is confusing, owing to the fact that required and voluntary are literally opposites.

But the plot thickens. The letter stated that he was required to attend this interview for breaching of an act of parliament which doesn’t even exist.

The police referred to this pretend piece of legislation as “The Malicious communications act of 2003,” but they may have got confused in their determination to get to the bottom of this case. Whether they were referring to the Communications act of 2003 or its predecessor, the “malicious communications act of 1988”, we may never know - It matters not - why get bogged down in petty foibles like the law?

The man had committed a sin of mocking the flag, and the police were going to stop at nothing to defend the flags rights.

I personally struggle to see how you can communicate maliciously with an object, but again, in the land of being kind, just days before the start of the third most important month in the woke calendar, after Pride month and Black history month - the sacred LGBTQLMNOP history month - something needed to be done - and done quickly.

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Pity the fool who in any way objects to this political policing, or dares to point out to the rozzers that their time may be better spent doing the job the public pay them to do - which is to solve actual crimes instead of policing our minds.

The Met - like so many forces around the country has its very own Anti racist Rainbow brigade - and they police with an iron fist. Which brings us rather uncomfortably on to DAVE CARRICK OR ‘Bastard Dave’, as he was referred to by his colleagues.

A 17 year veteran of the Met polices fire arms unit. 17 years during which he used his status as a police officer to groom at least 24 women - which he has admitted so far - before raping them. He did this - unhindered - despite coming to the polices attention 9 times during his time with the force. 24 rapes so far Bastard Dave has fessed up to.

Decades of abuse. 9 unanswered calls for help.

One wonders what the officer slumped at his desk scrolling social media for rainbow hate might have achieved, if they had instead used their time to take a closer look at a list of complaints made against b***** Dave.

One of their own. We will never know. Or failing that what crime said officer might have prevented if they had been outside, on the beat, near a church in Euston, last Saturday afternoon - when a 7 year old girl was gunned down in a drive by shooting - before being rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

First Wayne “the rapist” Cousins, as he was referred to by his colleagues - clue is in the name you would think - and now Bastard Dave. The Met are now looking into more than 1600 cases of alleged sexual violence within their own ranks - and yet they still have time to go after the man who hurt the feelings of a flag.

When the police are so fast to investigate those who mock of the rainbow cult than they are to investigate the very real, in your face, criminality of their own, how can the public have any confidence in them?

Speaking of confidence. It has evaporated in the NHS as a major new survey reveals today that 67% of the public think it is doing a bad job. I can’t imagine shutting the whole thing down for a couple of years did them many favours and we still have that very awkward 50,000 lives lost out of nowhere and the complete and utter silence from the government on it. There will be no wall of remembrance for these lost souls. Some lives matter more than others it would seem. They are the collateral damage. The cost of the power grab on our civil liberties and the right to ask hard questions and express valid opinions, even in the houses of parliament.

So, I wish to report a crime. Our institutions have been taken hostage by a political ideology so pure and so glorious that we must worship and spread the good news in every available moment.

An ideology which preaches inclusion, whilst promoting division. An ideology so perfect that millions are spent each year in the police and the health service to pay for Diversity equity and inclusion commissars - there to ensure observance to it.

One wonders if these lost diversity millions would have been better spent on someone to investigate bastard Dave and his heinous ways, or whether some of this wasted cash could be spent on an investigation as to why there are 50,000 more people six feet down than there should have been in 2022. One thing we do know is If we want to preserve our culture, then we need to surgically remove political posturing from our treasured public services and national institutions.