This level of migration is unsustainable and a betrayal of what we were promised when we voted Brexit, says Dan Wootton

Once again, all we’re being offered by our current Prime Minister, Fishy Rishi Sunak, and the likely next Prime Minister, Slippery Keir Starmer, is weasel words


504,000 people. More than the entire population of Liverpool. That’s the net migration numbers arriving to the UK in the past 12 months, in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, with record NHS waiting lists and pressure on our housing system like we haven’t seen before.

It’s the highest level since World War Two, twice the numbers predicted.

And those numbers don’t even include the 40,000 plus who have already arrived illegally this year alone on small boats across the Channel as part of the invasion via our southern border.

I don’t need to tell you this level of migration is completely unsustainable.

It’s also a betrayal of what we promised when we voted for Brexit, in part to regain control of our borders and stop free movement.

We were told the figure was meant to be as low as 100,000 a year after Brexit.

So what the hell is going on? Well, the government points to foreign students and the one-off humanitarian policy to take in Ukrainians and Hong Kongers.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

For example, 130,000 work visas to Indian folk have been granted this year, with 98 per cent of those who applied for a visa being granted one.

98 per cent! That doesn’t sound like an Australian points-based system to me.

I’m angry about this now.

Because, once again, all we’re being offered by our current Prime Minister, Fishy Rishi Sunak, and the likely next Prime Minister, Slippery Keir Starmer, is weasel words, rather than a hard and fast commitment to reduce our level of migrations… That is pathetic.

What choice do we have as the public when both major party leaders refuse to talk about hard and fast figures? Once again, the only senior Tory Cabinet minister who has been prepared to set a limit is the Home Secretary Superwoman Suella Braverman, who wants the numbers down to the tens of thousands but has her hands tied… Immigration could cost the Conservatives the next election on its own.

And if they continue the TINO (Tories In Name Only) approach then that becomes a near certainty.

Take the latest poll for Refield and Wilton, showing that Labour is beating the Sunak Conservatives in the Red Wall by 53 per cent to 39 per cent.

Braverman said today…

“We remain committed to reducing migration over time in line with our manifesto commitment. This level of migration has put pressure on accommodation and housing supply, health, education and other public services. We must ensure we have a sustainable, balanced and controlled approach which is why we continue to keep our immigration policies under review.”

And the PM’s spokesperson acknowledged our borders are “broken”.

But how the hell will Sunak fix this national emergency without stopping the boats or pledging to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands?

Rhetoric is no longer good enough. We need a plan.

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