The unions are prepared to destroy Christmas but their ultimate goal is to subvert democracy, says Dan Wootton


Britain is grinding to a halt – and it’s not just because of the blanket of snow sending a shiver down the length of the country overnight.

No, militant unions are playing politics with the festive season of hardworking Brits and intending to send us into a virtual Christmas for a third painful year.

Yes, strikes are the new lockdowns, with Transport Secretary Mark Harper conceding in the Daily Telegraph…

“This year, many families may have no choice but to alter their plans and have a virtual Christmas again. This isn’t due to a new public health pandemic, but because of rail strikes, planned by the RMT union to cause misery during the festive period.”

Here’s the Strike Calendar of Hell for this week alone…

TUESDAY -RMT train strike begins for 48 hours

-Rural Payments Agency customer service strike

-Driving examiners in northeast England and Scotland strike until Sunday


-Royal Mail workers strike begins for 48 hours

THURSDAY: -Royal College of Nursing staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland plan to strike for the first time in their history, barring a last-minute deal.

-Great Western Railway Unite engineers strike


-Another RMT train strike begins for 48 hours

-Abellio London bus drivers strike for 48 hours

-Heathrow ground handling staff strike for 72-hours

-National Highways staff working in northern England strike begins for 48 hours

We’re so used to working from home, avoiding the hard yards, being let down by our public services that we just seem to shrug our shoulders at the fact nothing works properly anymore.

The strikes just add to the pain.

But now our lives are on the line, too, and I say enough is enough.

People will die as a result of the decisions of these unions.

Nurses are wanting a 19 per cent pay hike.

Those levels of increases would bankrupt us, leading to an inflation death spiral and an extra £28 billion of state spending, effectively forcing ordinary families to pay £1,000 more in taxes every year. These unions are in the tank for Labour, by the way, pumping £15 million into the party since Slippery Starmer became leader as they try and force the country into a general strike by stealth. It’s Labour’s pact with the devil and they should come clean.

As the former Deputy Prime Minister said on Radio 4 last night it’s time for anyone who believes in democracy to resist this madness…

“This is a quasi-general strike they are trying to organise and that needs to be resisted by everyone who cares about democracy.”

The unions are prepared to destroy Christmas, which is bad enough. But their ultimate goal is to subvert democracy by bringing down a democratically elected Conservative government.

Times are tough, many folk deserve a pay rise.

But 20 per cent increases when workers in the private sector are lucky to hold onto a job at all is selfish recklessness, with an obvious political motivation.

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