The Chancellor prepares to deliver the budget update from hell, says Dan Wootton

Dan Wootton says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is going to 'overcompensate' with the Autumn budget 'to please the markets'
Dan Wootton says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is going to 'overcompensate' with the Autumn budget 'to please the markets'
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Is the Conservative party conservative anymore on any issue?

In fact, is there any difference between Labour and the Tories?

Are our unelected globalist leaders Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt - imposed in a bloodless but anti- democratic coup - actually TINOS, Tories In Name Only?

These are the depressing conversations reverberating around Westminster tonight as the Chancellor prepares to deliver the budget update from hell tomorrow that could smash the Conservative’s reputation as a low tax/small state party - and see them banished from power for a generation.

And, by the way, how on earth can Sunak and Hunt go from promising us lower taxes all summer to burdening the middle classes in an unprecedented way?

High tax Hunt is going to overcompensate tomorrow to please the markets, raising the terrifying question: Who is actually running our country?

And do not tell me the Truss mini budget is behind the U-turn, after the Government unnecessarily splashed £450 billion around while forcing us to stay at home and stop working thanks to a virus with a 99.8 per cent survival rate.

Of course you’re not hearing this narrative in our largely corrupt MSM, which conspired with the political establishment, blob and international organisations like the IMF to depose two Prime Ministers in Boris Johnson and Liz Truss in quick succession.

But former Cabinet ministers loyal to Boris and Truss are privately seething.

One told me they are sitting back and waiting for Hunt’s budget to implode as Conservative MPs begin a mass revolt against the very values of their party being torn up.

The fight for the soul of the Tories, with the true blue MPs taking on the TINOS, could soon get ugly.

We saw the first signs of what might be to come today from Esther McVey during PMQs today.

It’s OK to be furious with Hunt’s higher taxes for all declaration.

We never voted for this. We know it’s bad for Britain - our economy, our ambition, and our future growth.

It’s the gutless way out of making the genuine reforms needed to ensure the UK becomes great again.

So while I will await the new mini budget with an open mind - and we’ll bring you the real analysis you won’t get anywhere else tomorrow night - I fear the TINOS are in command and many voters will struggle to understand why there’s any point of voting for a Sunak/Hunt Conservative party at the next election.

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