Prince Harry is no prize fighter, just a prize numpty, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan has given his take on Prince Harry's royal revelations.
Mark Dolan has given his take on Prince Harry's royal revelations.

Who could blame Prince William, for giving his spoiled, entitled younger brother, a bit of a slap...


Who could blame Prince William, for giving his spoiled, entitled younger brother, a bit of a slap. If your older brother can't straighten you out, when your missus is getting on everyone’s wick, who can. The claims of a brotherly bust up, dating back to 2019, in which Prince William allegedly shoved Harry, and knocked him to the floor, feel like a posh, royal episode of EastEnders and The Mitchell Brothers.

And this aristocratic soap opera, looks set to run and run, with the Queen Vic, being replaced by Buckingham palace. Prince Harry has been complaining, that his family have leaked stories to the press. How surprising, therefore, that a copy of his forthcoming book, which promises to be longer and more tedious than war and peace, and likely packed with just as much fiction, should mysteriously land at the Megan and Harry-supporting Guardian newspaper; a rag hardly known for its doorstep journalism or showbiz exclusives.

Harry claims, that his brother called Megan "difficult", "rude" and "abrasive". Far from controversial, I think William would win the award for statement of the bleeding obvious there. No s*** Sherlock. Whether it's unsubstantiated claims of racism in the royal family, confusing anecdotes about the exact date of their marriage, or a general, self pitying “oh woe is me” narrative, since day one, this millionaire actress, has been a right royal pain in the arse. William's alleged comments about Meghan Markle have aged well, given the fact that this young woman, has turned her husband, once the most popular member, the royal family – second only to the Queen - against his own brother, his own father, and his own country. But I don't actually blame Meghan. Good luck to her. She spotted an opportunity, when she met this young prince but it's he who has allowed all of this to happen. The buck stops with him. And of course, this is all about bucks. Big bucks.

Yet again, in this explosive chat with his mate Tom Bradby on ITV, we will hear more navelgazing nonsense from the ginger windsor himself. The interview will be softer than one of Mary Berry’s buns. And why is he doing it? For his mental health? To set the record straight? Do me a favour – he's trying to flog copies of his book. Full disclosure I WILL be buying a copy, because I've got a wonky bedroom door that won't stay open. £18 quid isn't bad for a doorstop.

The hypocrisy of this man, knows no bounds. He screeches about his privacy, whilst doing podcasts, TV documentaries, and books, about the most intimate aspects of his life, and that of his family. He dashes around the world in a private jet, whilst preaching about a climate emergency, and he claims to be focused on philanthropic activities – it's all for charity mate – except the couple have made millions for themselves.

Their lives are available to whoever will pay the highest sum. They’ve sold their souls to the devil, and sold their family down the river. Which is why it’s almost like William knew what was coming, when he allegedly sent old Harry off balance, in that Nottinghamshire cottage in 2019. It was a KO, a points win for our next king. Now, I don't advocate violence and I never will. If William has done this, then it's clearly wrong. But just imagine what William would do now, if he could get hold of old harry. That would be pay per view entertainment.

William’s frustration must now be huge, given the fact that he and his father and the whole of the Royal family have no right to reply, as they’re pilloried and demonised by this couple 24/7. William and Charles have kept a dignified silence.

As did the Queen, when so much of this soap opera, was playing out. That poor woman - it can't have done much for her mental or physical health - as she mourned the passing of her beloved Philip, and helped lead the country through the pandemic, to be worrying about what her much loved grandson would say next about the family - and the institution - to which she gave so much.

Did the stress of all of this hasten the Queen's demise? You tell me. But it must surely have caused her great distress and misery. In spite of Harry’s one-sided account, this alleged fraternal fracas, was clearly no rumble in the jungle. As Harry tells it, his chain was pulled and he fell onto a dog bowl. A dog bowl. What a RUFF experience for Harry. Talk about being in the DOG house. PAW him.

The more Harry says and does, the more he alienates himself from his family and his country. Frankly, he should stop blaming other people and reflect on his own behaviour. He's the one, who’s knocked himself out. The referee has counted to 10 and he's not coming off that canvas. Harry is no prize fighter, just a prize numpty. It’s time to throw the towel in.

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