One thing has been missing in the rabid response to Andrew Bridgen: The Covid vaccine victims, says Dan Wootton

What’s been most shocking about the MSM coverage and political-class commentary of Bridgen is the complete omission


In the toxic row that has developed around suspended Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen’s inartfully articulated argument around MRNA vaccines, where he made, in my opinion, a totally unnecessary and clumsy reference to the Holocaust, one thing has been missing in the rabid response: The Covid vaccine victims.

What’s been most shocking about the MSM coverage and political-class commentary of Bridgen is the complete omission – in fact, denial – that people have indeed been injured or killed by COVID vaccines. And even though they may be in the minority it's important their stories aren't airbrushed from the debate.

But does that weasel politician – or the sneering journalists at The Guardian – know the names of any vaccine injured – let alone give them consideration of thought?

I can safely conclude that they don’t.

Even though these poor folk are the literal opposite of anti-vaxxers, which is how the MSM dismisses them, given they had the jab when their health profiles said they arguably didn’t need to because they were told it was the right thing to do by government nudge units.

Do it to save granny, they said.

Do it to stop the spread, they pleaded.

Do it to be a good person, they begged.

So when millions stepped up in a war-time-like effort to get vaccinated, why are those who have been maimed and killed by the vaccine being ignored like they never existed?

On this show, and on this channel, we’ve been championing their cause.

I was touched to meet Anne and Charlotte, the mother and widow of Dr Stephen Wright, who died last year after taking the AstraZeneca jab. This is what Anne had to say about her late son.

Then we have friend of the show Alex Mitchell, a fighting fit Scot whose life was turned upside down when a reaction to the vaccine saw his leg amputated…

Also being ignored is the family of star BBC presenter Lisa Shaw who was killed by the AstraZeneca vaccine, a coroner ruled. Her husband Gareth heartbreakingly tweeted last week…

“This is my beautiful wife with our incredible son. This is her death certificate. Why are the government and mainstream media still looking the other way pretending these incidences didn’t occur? I’m ready to talk when you are. I won’t hold my breath.”

Rod Liddle, who is no fan of Bridgen, finally pricked the bubble of the establishment Press, by declaring in The Sunday Times yesterday that it is only right and just that we keep investigating vaccine harms.

Rod wrote…

“I am not alone in remembering that people who suggested that the Covid vaccines might be related to blood clots were silenced, their social media posts taken down. Until it was — rather later — confirmed that blood clots had indeed been a problem among some age groups, and the dispensation of the vaccines was altered accordingly.”

But for the rest of the media and establishment who keep on making Bridgen the straw man and ignoring the real story, shame on you.

The vaccine victims aren’t just statistics.

They are husbands, brothers, mothers and wives who have been killed or injured by a medical intervention that the government and MSM were responsible for pushing.

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