It’s a start from Sunak, but the UK must leave the ECHR to solve the migrant crisis, says Dan Wootton

GB News' Dan Wootton
GB News' Dan Wootton

The government today indicated they are taking the spiralling issue of illegal immigration at least somewhat seriously

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Finally, more than a year after I declared the invasion of our southern border a national emergency, the government today indicated they are taking the spiralling issue of illegal immigration at least somewhat seriously.

With a mix of solid new policies, a strengthening of rhetoric and a bit of fluff, our globalist Prime Minister Rishi Sunak attempted to prove to his sceptical party, Brexiteers and furious 2019 Tory Red Wall voters that he actually believes in controlling our borders with a five-step plan…

Much of that is obvious.

Much of it should have been done long before now.

And much of it again relies on bad actors who are part of the problem – like the Albanian government – to solve this problem.

But I will praise the political nous for Sunak to realise this issue isn’t going away and the urgent need to stop wasting £7 million a day on posh hotels for illegal economic migrants.

Although I doubt the public will be happy with these people being put up in chalets at Pontins holiday parks, either.

Sunak was also prepared to speak honestly about the fact the vast majority of arrivals are not here for humanitarian reasons, pointing out, as we have for a long time here on GB News, that there is no reason to flee a perfectly safe NATO country like Albania unless you have a nefarious reason to do so like pursuing a life of crime. Even Theresa May’s precious, but badly manipulated, modern slavery laws were up for discussion.

However, the elephant in the room remains globalist Sunak’s inability to address the urgent need for the UK to leave the ECHR to have any hope of processing illegal arrivals offshore in Rwanda or wherever else we are able to do deals.

The Home Secretary Suella Braverman knows we must do this.

So do sensible Tory MPs like William Cash and Simon Clarke who challenged the PM today, only to see a typically wet response… That’s not good enough.

A horror poll today showed the Tories could be wiped out at the next election, with even Fishy Rishi losing his seat.

So while I do welcome today’s Sunak statement as a start ­– and I appreciate he’s finally put the illegal invasion to the top of the political agenda – more needs to be done to avoid a Conservative wipeout at the next election by taking back control of our borders.

I believe that must include leaving the ECHR before it’s too late.