If you're feeling politically homeless tonight then join the club, says Dan Wootton

Forget the conjecture and the denials, this weekend’s revelation on the front page of the Sunday Times shows the UK is facing a democratic emergency.


As I predicted, the remoaners within the Tory establishment have used the defenestration of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss to threaten our hard-fought Brexit.

That would, of course, involve more liberal EU migration, payments to the EU, and a stepping up of the role of the European Court of Justice.

Yup, rather than use our Brexit freedoms to see us thrive across the world, this anti-democratic, globalist regime who the masses haven't voted for, led by Fishy Rishi Sunak, wants to see us handcuffed to the bloc the biggest democratic mandate in British history freed us from.

But we all know who is behind this?

Dan Wootton says he is feeling 'politically homeless'
Dan Wootton says he is feeling 'politically homeless'

His remoaner Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, who campaigned for a second referendum and a Norway plus model that would see the UK tied to the single market and continuing to grant free movement, and is now inexplicably pulling the strings.

And the suspicions are that Hunt himself is responsible for the leak to the Sunday Times this weekend.

But, given there has been no denial from High Tax Hunt that he is the source of the Sunday Times story, unless Sunak immediately sacks his Chancellor then the damage is done.

This regime cannot be trusted to protect Brexit and keep us out of the Single Market.

At the very least, there is a move towards the disastrous Theresa May Chequers deal that, we must not forget, Sunak voted for.

But you also can’t trust the likely next Prime Minister Keir Starmer, who spent months campaigning for a second referendum to thwart our vote…

If you’re feeling politically homeless tonight, then join the club.

Of course, the whole political establishment and MSM is now giving up on Brexit and swinging behind a campaign to rejoin over time.

It’s time now for Brexiteers to stop living in a fantasy world that the project has been delivered and a UK safe from the interference of the EU is safe for a generation.

Brexit is under threat now – and while Jeremy Hunt remains in Number 11 things are going to get a whole lot worse.