If Meghan Markle and Prince Harry weren’t trying to bring down the Royal Family, I’d feel sorry for them, says Dan Wootton

I hope it was worth the money, Harry...


I hope it was worth the money, Harry.

Because today for the Netflix millions and to impress your narcissistic delusionist wife and her sycophantic fake Hollywood celebrity pals, you have destroyed any chance of ever having a relationship again with your brother.

You have let down your late mother Princess Diana who assured William he would always have the support of his little bro, his best friend for many years.

You have trampled on the memory and life’s work of the late Queen, who put family unity and the monarchy ahead of personal contentment for 70 years.

But most of all you have let down the British public, who backed you, who stood by you, who celebrated your wedding, who adored your new wife, and who supported the positive impact you wanted to make on the world.

And why?

Because you’re so bitter for being part of a hereditary monarchy where your brother was always going to take the throne, but you got all the trappings of a life of great privilege and unthinkable opportunity without the responsibility.

Because your deranged campaign against journalists means you believe that taking on a public role is all one-way traffic and true stories about your wife’s bullying of Palace staff should be covered up as if we’re in North Korea.

And I think because you’re both deeply unhappy individuals in a toxic relationship who look to bring each other down rather than lift each other up; who cut out friends and family members who dare to challenge your mad decisions.

But the most tragic of all has to be using your Netflix orgy of distortion and victimhood to publicly brand to the world your brother, who has sacrificed so much for his public duty and stood by you through scandal after a scandal, a man who bullied you out of the Royal Family, while refusing to address the actual claims of bullying by your wife.

But he doesn’t stop at his brother. Harry also attacked King Charles and the late Queen for their conduct during the private Sandringham Summit…

And he even suggests his father leaked the story of Megxit to me…

Well sorry to disappoint you, Harry. I had the story BEFORE you sent the email to your dad. So once again your claims, not backed up by any evidence, do not stand the truth test.

After their Netflix treachery, the Sussexes have lost the respect of the British public.

Heck, they’re so out of touch, here they are trying to convince us that living in a luxurious cottage with servants within Kensington Palace is like being forced to stay in some sort of hovel.

Look, I actually hope people watch this propaganda piece because it exposes Harry and Meghan for what they really are.

They genuinely believe they were so popular – better members of the Royal Family than the late Queen, Charles, William and Kate – that Buckingham Palace conspired with the media to bring them down.

Once again, there was no evidence, no proof presented.

Just the ridiculous ramblings of two paranoid people, who have turned their back on the ones who really loved them, and the yes men and women who surround them today but are too scared to give them any form of reality check.

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If they weren’t trying to bring down the Royal Family, I’d feel sorry for them.