How many more murders and rapes will it take for authorities, politicians and the media to realise the danger of this slippery slope? asks Dan Wootton

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

I have been putting a spotlight on this invasion for years now – and shame on those who ignore it

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Take a close look at these two jailed men – and, yes, they are men…

Men who have put the lives and safety of ordinary Brits under threat in the most chilling manner while exposing everything wrong with the woke orthodoxy that now dominates our establishment and political class.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai was jailed today for 29 years for the barbaric murder of Thomas Roberts over an e-scooter argument in Bournemouth town centre last year.

For the family and girlfriend of the British 21-year-old aspiring marine who had the world at his feet, life will never be the same.

And the illegal migrant scumbag murderer should never have been in the country.

He lied to our politically correct officials as a 21-year-old, duping them into believing he was just 14 and his parents were killed by the Taliban.

Most egregious is the fact that by the time he fled Serbia in 2018 after committing a double murder, he’d had his asylum application rejected by Norway.

But soft touch Britain let this proven killer and drug dealer in and allowed him to stay – paving the way for him to commit this heinous murder.

Former Home Secretary Piri Patel is lobbying for the UK to introduce scientific age assessment methods, writing in the Daily Telegraph….

“The vicious killing of Thomas Roberts was a ghastly act of barbarity. The fact that it was committed at the hands of a liar who took advantage of this nation’s generosity, misleading officials about his age in order to be taken in as an asylum seeker, should jolt us into action.

“We must implement every law available to us now to stop adults from claiming asylum on the basis of a false age.”

Last night Tory MP Lee Anderson was clear on this show about how he feels about the convicted monster.

Border Force officials predict 80,000 of these illegals will flood in via the Channel this year alone, putting countless more liars, criminals and, indeed, terrorists on our streets.

This is why I have been putting a spotlight on this invasion for years now – and shame on those who ignore it.

The other man is Adam Graham. Or at least this was the name he went by when he violently attacked two women in 2016 and 2019 in Scotland.

But after an initial court appearance Adam decided to transition and become Isla Bryson.

The stark danger of gender extremism was laid bare when Adam, under his new identity of Isla, was sent to a women’s prison, putting even more biological females at risk.

When JK Rowling was asked today what Nicola Sturgeon was asking this little girl, she tweeted...

"Do you agree that a convicted double rapist who decided he was a woman after appearing in court belongs in a women’s prison, or are you a nasty, far right bigot?"

At least Sturgeon rival Joanna Cherry was happy to tell it as it is this morning.

But under a Labour/SNP coalition from hell there would be so much more of this madness.

Slippery Starmer wants to throw open our borders.

And Scheming Sturgeon’s sick Gender Reform Bill allows sex offenders to acquire a gender recognition certificate simply by signing a slip of paper.

How many more murders and rapes is it going to take for authorities, politicians and the media to wake up and realise the danger of this slippery slope?