Dan Wootton hits back at Prince Harry after he was referenced in his recent memoir as a 'sad little man'

Mark my words, Spare is the biggest mistake in publishing history.

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There has never been a man so embarrassingly and disturbingly out of touch with the public who he claims to care about than Prince Harry.

So, mark my words, Spare is the biggest mistake in publishing history.

It may be making the Sussexes even richer, but it’s destroyed the reputation of the Duke of delusion forever more.

This colossal own goal of an autobiography has revealed to the world the true motivations of an empty vessel who now wants to bring down both the British Royal Family, his own flesh and blood, the late Queen’s reputation, and even the British free Press to settle petty scores and get at his enemies, who now include his own brother, sister-in-law, father and step-mum.

But above all that, Harry is revealed to be a man with no idea of the extraordinary privileges and opportunities he enjoys that most folk could only dream of.

I’ve read the whole damn thing today, it was an excruciating exercise, I actually had to go for a wash afterwards because I felt so dirty.

What shocked me most was just how tone-deaf Harry is.

In the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, this bloke expects us to view him as some sort of victim. As if!

Hypocrisy leaps off virtually every page too.

How about the fact he spends chapter after chapter moaning about intrusions into his and his wife’s privacy, like the publication of Meghan’s letter to Thomas Markle, while publishing private text messages Kate Middleton sent to Meghan.

Not to mention all the conversations with the likes of the late Queen, King Charles and Prince William at deeply personal moments quoted for the world.

The bloke is a charlatan.

He has no issue invading other people’s privacy, but he wants to control parts of the British media who have revealed true stories about him and his wife.

He’s acting like Putin or Kim Jong-un.

As the journalist who broke the biggest stories during Harry and Meghan’s troubled time in the Royal Family, I come in for a pasting too, being described as a “sad little man” working in cahoots with the Palace to reveal the story of Megxit.

Just like with the factual inaccuracies that are littered throughout Spare, Harry got that all wrong too.

I wasn’t working in concert with the Palace; I was breaking an internationally significant story clearly in the public interest, as journalists should do. And I was working directly with his own Communications Secretary, giving them a week’s notice of my plans.

I don’t care, Harry can say what he wants about me, as long as he accepts journalists must be able to continue to hold public figures like him accountable.

That said, it’s very clear to me who the “sad little man” in this sorry saga is.

It’s the one who has trashed virtually every blood relative in the most vicious of fashion, simply because they tried to save him from himself.