Woman who poked holes in condom to get pregnant is given six-month jail term for 'stealthing'

The women, 39, was described in a west German court as being in a 'friends with benefits' relationship with the 42-year-old male


A woman who secretly poked holes in a condom in a bid to fall pregnant has been given a six-month jail term in Germany.

The woman was found to have sabotaged the condom to steal her partner’s sperm, known as “stealthing”.

The women, 39, was described in a western Germany court as being in a “friends with benefits” relationship with the 42-year-old male.

They would regularly meet up for sexual encounters starting from 2021, the court heard.

The offender sabotaged the condom
The offender sabotaged the condom

The women had developed stronger feelings for the man, but those were not reciprocated, the court said.

Despite cutting holes in the condom, she was unable to fall pregnant.

But she sent a message to the man partner telling her she was pregnant, while admitting to cutting the condoms.

As a result, he filed criminal charges against her.

At first, the court was unsure on what to charge the woman with.

Judge Astrid Salewski said: “We have written legal history here today.”

She was first facing charges of rape, but that was later reduced to sexual assault.

Judge Salewski said that “stealthing” normally involves men removing or sabotaging their condom during intercourse.

She added: “This provision also applies in the reverse case. The condoms were rendered unusable without the man's knowledge or his consent.

“No means no here as well.”