Will Smith-Chris Rock wouldn’t make headline news if public weren’t experiencing Ukraine ‘fatigue’, guest tells GB News

Elisabeth Braw says she understands why interest has dropped in the Russian invasion

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.The Will Smith and Chris Rock altercation would never have made headline news if the public weren’t suffering from “fatigue” over the Ukraine war, a Senior Fellow has told GB News.

The incident at last weekend's Oscars has dominated headlines across the world ever since, as stars continue to have their say on the infamous slap.

Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Elisabeth Braw, who has called the drop in interest on the ongoing invasion as “terrible”, says she understands why it is taking place.

Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Elisabeth Braw
Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Elisabeth Braw
Will Smith's slap on Chris Rock has hit headline news
Will Smith's slap on Chris Rock has hit headline news

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Ms Braw said: “If the Chris Rock-Will Smith incident had happened a day after the invasion, nobody would have paid any attention to it.

“Now it’s getting enormous attention simply because people are looking for a change in the news.

“And it’s terrible that Ukrainians are the victims of this but it’s also human nature. We focus on something for a while and we move on.

“Had Russia won a swift victory, it wouldn’t have been surprising if we moved on.

“Now the Ukrainians are fighting back and they need all the support they can get and yet many people are beginning to focus on other things that concern them, big and small.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its 39th day on Sunday, with missile strikes continuing to rain down on areas of the country.

Moscow has recently agreed to pull back some of its forces, but its lead negotiator said on Sunday that peace talks are currently not at an advanced enough stage for Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy to begin dialogue.