West can stop the Ukraine war now if ‘we have cold showers’, crisis adviser tells Nigel Farage

Justin Doherty believes some nations don't know 'what they're fighting for'

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A Government crisis adviser has told GB News the West can stop the war in Ukraine if people turn their heating off and have cold showers.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its 48th day on Monday, as Vladimir Putin continues his violent attack on its neighbours.

And while the UK and other Western nations have placed sanctions on Russia, Justin Doherty believes some countries don’t know “what they’re fighting for”.

Speaking on Talking Pints with Mr Farage, Mr Doherty said: “What are the long-terms goals and objectives, what is our purpose, what are we fighting for?

Government crisis adviser, Justin Doherty
Government crisis adviser, Justin Doherty
The war of Ukraine continues
The war of Ukraine continues

“And I think that’s where we in the West and here have taken our eye off the ball, I don’t think we know what we’re fighting for.

“We don’t have a really clear sense of what we’re fighting for and with that we don’t have a sense of, if we’re fighting for this, what are we prepared to give up.”

Mr Doherty added: “And you (Farage) made the point earlier about us funding the Russian war machine with a billion dollars’ worth of gas.

“It’s astonishing, we’re literally funding this war. The Germans, 40 percent of their energy comes from Putin’s gas.

“We could stop this tomorrow by turning off our heating for three days a week and having cold showers.”

As the war continues, Ukraine's deputy Prime Minister on Monday accused Russia of holding civilians, including journalists, activists and elected officials, in prisons on Russian territory.

Iryna Vereshchuk said in a televised address: "We have many priests, journalists, activists, mayors, and in general civilians who are in prisons, not, for example, even on the territory of Ukraine, but in (the) Kursk, Bryansk, Rostov (regions of Russia)... They are forcibly held."

Russian has repeatedly denied targeting civilians.