Warwick and Cardiff universities ban ‘hazing’ initiations

This comes after two former students spoke out about some of the sports society practices on TikTok


Warwick and Cardiff universities have decided to ban “hazing” initiations.

The decision comes after two former students revealed some of the practises that happened within the university’s sports societies.

In a video posted on TikTok, former Warwick University rugby player Jack described a specific initiation called “The Seed”.

He said: “So, you’d have to get fully naked, curl up in a ball. Someone would come over and throw a pint over you, like you’re flowering the seed.

“And then you’d have to slowly grow up into a flower, fully naked.”

Jack also explained another practice, called “The fountain of youth”: “get someone’s ball sack, and you stretch it out. You get someone to lie beneath it.

Cardiff University has banned hazing initiations
Cardiff University has banned hazing initiations

“You get a Jager bomb and you pour it over their [testicles] and someone has to drink it from beneath.”

While Fergus, a former football player at Cardiff University also took to TikTok to describe how and he and his teammates used to always go out to “somewhere we know we're never going to be invited back again”

He also said how on one social, a teammate threw an egg that hit a female bar worker in the face.

Fergus added: “I think it’s worth taking the smashed glasses and every now and again a toilet’s going to get f***ed and the doors are going to come off because of the amount of money they make off us.”

Both videos have now been taken down.

The University of Warwick have said that it "does not tolerate hazing"
The University of Warwick have said that it "does not tolerate hazing"

But now both universities have issued statements over “hazing” initiations.

A spokesperson from the University of Warwick said: “University of Warwick does not tolerate hazing.

“All students who join the university agree to comply with our Dignity at Warwick policy, which outlines the values we expect our community to uphold, along with a code of conduct for the Students Union.

“Any report or complaint against a current student or staff member relating to a breach of our policies will be investigated and where proven, disciplinary action taken.”

A Cardiff University spokesperson added: 'We are not aware of the instances described in this podcast - and they appear to be historic.

“CU football club has faced disciplinary action in the past due to poor behaviour.

“CU football club has worked in partnership with the Students’ Union in recent years to ensure its current leaders and members fully understand the expected standards of behaviour and the consequences of not fulfilling those obligations.

“We are clear that initiations or similar behaviour have no place at Cardiff University.

“The University and Students’ Union have policies in place related to conduct and behaviour.

“Any student found to be in breach of those policies will be subject to disciplinary action.”