Volodymyr Zelenskyy Street: Call to rename road where Russian consulate is

Scottish Lib Dem leader wants Melville Street in Edinburgh to be renamed Zelenskyy Street


Council chiefs are being urged to change the rename the street where the Russian consulate in Scotland is to honour the Ukrainian president.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Alex Cole-Hamilton, wants Melville Street in Edinburgh to instead be called Zelenskyy Street.

He has written to Edinburgh City Council asking them to make the change “urgently”, saying it would remind everyone visiting the consulate of “Putin’s murderous and destructive invasion of Ukraine”.

Naming the street after Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, would be a “small but meaningful gesture”, Mr Cole-Hamilton insisted.

In a letter to Edinburgh City Council leader, Adam McVey, Mr Cole-Hamilton said: “We must seek to shame Putin at every possible opportunity.

“As such, everyone visiting or writing to the consulate should be reminded of Putin’s murderous and destructive invasion of Ukraine.”

Renaming the street “mirrors the kind of protest that was used against South African embassies during Apartheid,” the Lib Dem added.

He also insisted it would highlight the “proud tradition of solidarity shown by Scots to oppressed and persecuted people the world over”.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: “Our city has responded with horror and compassion to the images coming out of Ukraine. The offers to house those fleeing the horror of war in capital homes has been truly inspiring.

“This would be a further beacon of solidarity for the people of Ukraine.”

The consulate in Melville Street has been the focal point for several protests following the Russian invasion of Ukraine two weeks ago.

Mr McVey said councillors would consider what action they could take at a meeting next week.

The council leader said: “As a city, Edinburgh stands by everyone suffering in this conflict and are committed to showing our solidarity with the people of our twin city, Kyiv, and all of Ukraine.

“Last week, when we met with the Ukrainian community, we pledged to offer support in whatever way we can and continue to fly their flag above the City Chambers.

“We’re considering the most suitable way of honouring the immense courage being shown by President Zelenskyy and his people and what further measures we can take as a council to express our condemnation against the actions of Putin.

“All parties are standing as one on this and we’ll approve initial measures at next week’s council meeting.”