Vladimir Putin's jaw-dropping $200bn fortune revealed as Russia on brink of war with Ukraine

Following Boris Johnson's announcement of sanctions on Russia, Putin's vast personal wealth has come into question


As Russia continue to accelerate fears that a full-scale attack on Ukraine is being planned, questions have arisen over the country's leader, Vladimir Putin, and his illustrious fortune.

Following Boris Johnson's announcement of sanctions on Russia, Putin's vast personal wealth has come into question.

The sanctions were announced after Putin declared he would recognise the independence of two breakaway regions in Ukraine, that Joe Biden had announced new financial sanctions for.

Vladimir Putin's net worth has never been revealed, but it is understood to be expansive.

The Kremlin state Putin earns 8.6 million roubles a year (£A79,600), but experts believe this does not tell the full story about the Russian President's wealth.

The leader is reported to own numerous assets such as homes, yachts, cars and secret palaces that are rumoured to be worth billions of dollars.

US hedge fund manager Bill Browder estimates Putin's worth to be around $200billion, however, others believe this figure could be even higher.

A recent investigation by Forbes has put forward theories as to how Putin has amassed his fortune.

One theory relates to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian oligarch who has once believed to be the richest person in the country with a net worth of around $15 billion.

He was imprisoned in 2003 on charges of fraud and tax evasion, accusations he has continuously denied since the sentencing.

Mr Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment has been levelled at Vladimir Putin by many, with his arrest coming just months after he slated the Russian President over state corruption.

His fortune was frozen and his company was broken up.

Mr Browder told Forbes that he believes Putin was able to use this arrest in order to cut deals with all of the other Russian oligarchs.

"The deal was, ‘You give me 50 per cent of your wealth and I’ll let you keep the other 50 per cent, If you don’t, he’ll take 100 per cent of your wealth and throw you in jail".

Another theory from Forbes suggests Putin was able to grow his wealth by helping close friends and family earn more money by using his influence in government.

Many childhood friends of the Russian leader have been able to amass vast fortunes over the years.

For example, one of Putin's friends Arkady Rotenbergm received more than $7 billion in various state contracts in the lead-up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.